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David Edwards, 51, died of a stab wound to the heart in the summer of 2015. The trial of his wife Sharon Edwards, 42, continues this week at Manchester Crown Court.

It has been reported in the press that Mrs Edwards was a domineering, possessive and jealous wife. The prosecution have claimed that Mrs Edwards was violent towards David Edwards before his death and that David Edwards' response to that violence was to tolerate it and not report it to the police.  Mr Edwards was a criminal lawyer.

Mrs Edwards is accused of stabbing him with a kitchen knife at their home in Chorley, Lancashire just two months after their wedding day and after she learned that Mr Edwards had been made redundant.  Mrs Edwards has denied murder and has stated that her husband walked into the blade during an argument. The trial continues.

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Damon Searson, 24, died after having received a single stab wound to the chest in August 2015. Terri-Marie Palmer, 23, his girlfriend, a hairdresser from Heysham in Lancashire, was this week found guilty of his murder and given a life sentence at Preston Crown Court.

Ms Palmer and Mr Searson appeared to have had a difficult and destructive relationship.  In his sentencing remarks Mr Justice Kerr acknowledged that the case was distressing and tragic. He said that Ms Palmer “did not mean him (Mr Searson) to die, but you meant to cause him really serious injury. You took his life, yet you loved him. You have taken him from his family forever”  Mr Justice Kerr acknowledged that “Many murders are committed by far worse people than you. Until this happened, no one would have thought of you as an evil person. Yet what you did to Damon Searson was evil, during that one terrible moment in an otherwise blameless and productive life and in accordance with the jury’s verdict, you must answer to the law for it” Ms Palmer  will serve a minimum of 12 years in prison.

Read more of the sentencing remarks here

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