Information For Those With Drugs & Alcohol Issues

Abuse is about power and control. It's a common myth that drugs, alcohol and stress cause abuse to happen.

Blaming it on drugs, drink or stress is simply a way of avoiding responsibility. Abuse happens with or without these things and it's usually only the partner of the abuser who is targeted, showing that the abuser is actually in control of their behaviour or their actions.

The use of drugs and/or alcohol does not cause domestic abuse but it can be present in abusive relationships :

  • it can aggravate the abuse (increasing the risk or making the abuse more violent).
  • it can be used as an excuse for abuse (rather than the abuser taking responsibility for their action, remember many people who drink are never abusive to their partner).
  • it can become a method of abuse (by forcing someone to take drugs or alcohol against their wishes).
  • it can be seen as a way of coping with abuse for the victim.


Advice and guidance is available in the Survivors Handbook section on Alcohol and Drugs, and from the NHS Live Well Alcohol support and Drug treatment pages.

Seeking advice and information is important : see below for agencies in Luton and nationally that provide support for people with drug and/or alcohol issues.

alcohol services for the community

The aim of asc is to promote a healthier lifestyle without reliance on alcohol and other drugs. If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about your drinking and how you can get back on track then call the number below. Whether you want to just cut back or give up alcohol altogether then asc can help.

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SAFE (Young People Alcohol & Drug Service)

Information, confidential advice and interventions for young people and their families. From Nov 2013 Underground, Puke and Adibop merged into one service calle SAFE. Drop in at 53-55 Cardiff Road, Luton, LU1 1PP is open: Mon to Thurs 9.00am to 4.45pm & Fri 9.00am to 4.30pm. Feel free to call in, have something to eat or drink, play on the Wii, watch TV, play table football or just chill out.

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Family & Friends Service

Support and information for families and friends of drug and alcohol users.

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Therapeutic counselling for drug and alcohol users and their families.

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Clarendon Link

Drug support agency. Free and confidential service for Asian women affected by drugs. Open Monday to Friday.

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