Men experience domestic abuse. Fact.  It can seem hard as a male experiencing domestic abuse, either in a heterosexual or gay relationship, or from a child, to ask for help.  You are not alone, you do not deserve it, and you are not weak in seeking support. 

The ManKind Initiative and Men's Advice Line are specific support services for men.  National organisations offering advice include Refuge, Shelter, and Victim Support.  

The This is Abuse site has information for teenagers of both genders. The NHS Live Well pages also offer advice.  A printable booklet is available from the Men’s Advice Line.

You have the same rights as an abused woman and will be treated the same by the police and other services.  Everyone deserves the right to live safely and with respect. Don't accept domestic abuse.

If you are gay, bisexual or transgender, Stonewall have a printable booklet, and advice is available through Broken Rainbow.

If you are living with or facing forced marriage, or honour based violence, contact Karma Nirvana.

If you are worried about homelessness then Shelter and Mankind Initiative offer advice and you should contact your local council housing needs team.

IDVA Service

Independent Domestic Violence Advisory Service for Luton providing free, independent and confidential support & advocacy for very high risk cases of domestic abuse or those where professional judgement is applied - referrals accepted from all statutory and non statutory agencies. Contact for advice or further details. Secure email address available for referrals.

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Shanthona Womens Group

Independent advice for men & women with personal/family, benefit, health or abuse issues, to overcome barriers and inequalities in accessing services. Based at Bury Park Community Centre in Luton.

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